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This is about Dildos

Thanks to my new crush on Green Day singer Billie Joe Armstrong, dildos have become relevant to my life again. Yep, I'm going to talk about environmentally friendly sex toys. Masturbation is perfectly healthy, good for sexual exploration, and is the way most people have their first orgasms (I learned that in my college sex ed class). However, as a society we don't really talk about it much, so fair warning, this post may be uncomfortable, but it's worth talking about. I mean, this blog is supposed to be an in depth examination of environmental health, right? Right. Here we go.

Most vibrators and dildos are made of either silicon or hard plastic, neither of which are biodegradable or good for the environment. Lessening plastic usage is one of my major goals, and this situation is no exception. But no one wants to give up sex toys, so what are the green alternatives?

One is to just use the sex toys you already have. Why buy a new toy when you have a perfectly good one? The environmental price is already paid, might as well get as much use out of it as you can.

Though if you are in the market for something new, there's a great green alternative to plastic toys that's already rather popular, with many options. Glass sex toys! There are both glass dildos and glass vibrators. As well as many other types of glass sex toys, like ben wa (or kegel) balls. (I hope those links are appreciated because I'm at Starbucks, and searched for sex toys. Where other people could see. No one can say I'm not dedicated.) I own both a glass dildo, and glass ben wa balls, and I can give personal testimony that they're really fun.
Glass is not only way more recyclable (please clean them first) than plastic, but glass sex toys (when taken care of) are more durable than plastic sex toys.

There is also dildos made of different types of semi-precious stones. I'm not kidding, you can masturbate with rocks. x x
Though these are the most expensive, they are also the most environmentally friendly. Unlike glass dildos, I do not own one of these, so I have no idea what they're like.

There you go, environmental options for sex toys. Get off green.


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