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Disposable People

Our throw away culture is one of the major problems when it comes to the environment. From our oceans filling with plastic, to the rapid use of natural resources to make products, our society's attitude of dispose-ability is having many negative effects on our planet. However, today in my English class we had a discussion on the dispose-ability of people. About how our culture simplifies people down to commodities and throws them away once their "value" is gone. Obviously there are problems with this, starting with the fact that people are not commodities, but it got me thinking. I decided to go to the local mall and look at advertisements to see if they were really commodifying people, and if so, how. This is what I found.

The first things that caught my eye were the obvious. Over-sexualized images of women with lips slightly parted and eyes blank. Mostly found at Victoria's Secret--no surprise.

What they're selling is the model's beauty, the idea that this …

Opt Out

The other day, I went to Subway and saw this:

A fast food chain actively trying to reduce their waste? AND encouraging people to use less plastic bags? Heck yes!  However, I'm always sceptical of brands trying to 'greenwash' products. Making the salad bowls and napkins out of recycled materials is a great place to start, but if Subway really wants to make a difference, there's an important step they need to take. While it's great they have a poster saying to go bagless, there's a much easier way to get people to do so: don't hand them one.

Face it, we tend to take the path of least resistance. If it takes work to opt out of a plastic bag, odds are most people will take it just because they don't remember to say something, they feel embarrassed, or any other number of reasons. If Subway, or any cooperation for that matter, wanted to make a big difference, they could switch to an opt in system. Subway sandwiches could come without a bag. Still have them o…

Do It (Tomorrow)

I've been trying to use less plastic, eat healthier, and spend less money. Of course those are all goals I've been tempted to break--recently all at once. This week I had a coworker tell me about the new Chocolate Shamrock Shake at McDonald's. Now, I have always loved Shamrock Shakes, but mint and chocolate TOGETHER in one glorious milkshake? Yes, please!
Except McDonald's doesn't let you bring your own cup to fill, which would mean using a wasteful plastic cup. And what about that eating healthier thing? I'm all for a treat now and then, but there's no way that calorie monster could be considered in any way healthy. And it would be money I didn't need to spend.

Still, none of that was enough to dissuade me from getting one asap.

Then I actually got off work, it was late, and I just wanted to go home. There's not a McDonald's between my work and my house, so I'd just be lazy tonight and go get it tomorrow. But when 'tomorrow' came, I…

Plastic-free Spring Style

Thanks to fabrics such as Nylon and Polyester, a lot of clothes are made from plastic these days. With spring around the corner, a new season of styles is on the way. If you're looking for some new pieces, skip the plastic, and start a new trend with super cute wrap pants made from 100% silk!

I've loved wrap pants ever since I first discovered them, but now I love them even more for how eco-friendly they are. Made from 100% silk these pants are biodegradable--as if you'd ever want to throw them out. They come in all sorts of colours and designs, and all of them that I've come across are double sided, so each one can be switched up. Pair them with a plain, 100% cotton t-shirt and you have a beautiful, unique spring look that's plastic free. Even though they're pants, they're perfect through spring and summer because they are light weight and keep you cool. No more dying in jeans if I haven't shaved!

When I first found them I thought they all must be supe…

The Mascara Problem

As someone who is very blonde, I will never recommend giving up mascara, but as of yet I have not found a good plastic free alternative. Instead, I've come up with a compromise that works for me. It reduces my plastic consumption without forcing me to give up my favorite makeup tool.

Here's how it goes: On special occasions, important days, and those times I just feel like looking extra good, I go ahead and use mascara. On the day to day, just school and work, I skip it in favor of an eyeliner and eyelash curler combo.

After using both the eyeliner and the eyelash curler, I get a similar emphasis around the eye that looks perfectly fine for casual days. It uses less plastic, and still looks good.