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One Goal

I've been writing this blog for a couple months now and there's something I've noticed about my overarching topic. I chose my tag-line, "healthy living for our bodies, minds, and planet", because those were my three goals for myself; I wanted to be healthier physically, mentally, and be more environmentally friendly, and write about my journey on all three of them. It just happened to be the three things I was working on, and they were loosely correlated around health, so I figured they would work as a theme. However, the more time I've spent diving into them, the more related they seem to be.

It seems to me that the healthier something is for the environment, the healthier it is for human health as well, and vice versa. For example, eating organic food means chemicals don't go into the ecosystem, and it keeps those same chemicals out of our bodies. Another example is in trying to not buy as much stuff. It's good for the environment because not as many resources need to be used, and it's been good for my mental health too. I haven't written about it much, but I also love yoga and meditation, which are obviously good for both my physical and mental health. It seems to be a circle. Things that are good for one, are mostly good for all three.
This obviously isn't a novel observation, but it's one that has really helped me in all three goals because I've transitioned to treating them as one joined endeavor rather than three only semi-related goals.


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The Mascara Problem

As someone who is very blonde, I will never recommend giving up mascara, but as of yet I have not found a good plastic free alternative. Instead, I've come up with a compromise that works for me. It reduces my plastic consumption without forcing me to give up my favorite makeup tool.

Here's how it goes: On special occasions, important days, and those times I just feel like looking extra good, I go ahead and use mascara. On the day to day, just school and work, I skip it in favor of an eyeliner and eyelash curler combo.

After using both the eyeliner and the eyelash curler, I get a similar emphasis around the eye that looks perfectly fine for casual days. It uses less plastic, and still looks good.

Opt Out

The other day, I went to Subway and saw this:

A fast food chain actively trying to reduce their waste? AND encouraging people to use less plastic bags? Heck yes!  However, I'm always sceptical of brands trying to 'greenwash' products. Making the salad bowls and napkins out of recycled materials is a great place to start, but if Subway really wants to make a difference, there's an important step they need to take. While it's great they have a poster saying to go bagless, there's a much easier way to get people to do so: don't hand them one.

Face it, we tend to take the path of least resistance. If it takes work to opt out of a plastic bag, odds are most people will take it just because they don't remember to say something, they feel embarrassed, or any other number of reasons. If Subway, or any cooperation for that matter, wanted to make a big difference, they could switch to an opt in system. Subway sandwiches could come without a bag. Still have them o…