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Not Buying Into It

While there are a lot of wonderful green products out there, one of the best ways to go green is also a great way to save some green. Don't buy things.

Sounds impossible, doesn't it? Buying things is fun! And, after all, we need to buy some things. But if we live with what we have, only buy the essentials, with a little splurge here and there, we're seriously limiting the resources we use. And money. Speaking of which, saving money recently became a serious priority for me, and I still managed to mess it up in less than a week.

Long story short, a good chunk of my tuition will need to be paid a lot sooner than I thought. To achieve this goal, I decided to only buy what's absolutely essential (pretty much just food and gas). Then, I checked to see if I could pick up some extra hours at work. I was offered a shift in a different position I don't usually pick up from due to the fact that it's mind numbingly dull. But desperate times call for boring measures, so I accepted the new weekly shift.

I am not someone who can do next to nothing for long, but I wasn't allowed any electronics, or anything as big as a book to keep me entertained while on the clock. Luckily, I had an epiphany: A Rubik's Cube! Small, entertaining, and good for fidgety hands!
One small thing: I don't own a Rubik's Cube. Or rather, I didn't at the time.

I decided it was an investment. If the new shift didn't completely suck, then I'd do it again, and make more money! Besides, it's not super expensive or anything, and I had been so good....
I went on Amazon, and picked out the perfect cube. Pretty colours, and only $6? Sold!

Then, I realized it wouldn't get to my house in time. What was I going to do during that first shift? Be bored to death? I couldn't stand that! I ran to Walmart and bought an original style Rubik's Cube. A little bit pricier, at $10, but still reasonable. But what about the one from Amazon? It was so nice, and so cheap, and what if I lost the one from Walmart? What if it broke? Having a back up was totally essential.

Thought the girl who had never played with a Rubik's Cube in her life.

Currently, I'm sitting here looking at my two cubes. Different, but fundamentally the same. Why did I need two? I really didn't.
Besides just the money, I bought plastic toys. Plastic that's going to be around forever. Way to stick to going green!

I'm not saying never buy anything. Infact, I'm glad I bought a cube. It kept me entertained during my boring shift, and I had a lot of fun figuring it out (with a YouTube tutorial help). But two was just a waste.

The moral of the story here is that it's really hard not to buy more than you need, and while it's okay to splurge once in awhile, we have to stop doing it all the time. This over-consumerism is one of the main reasons our landfills are overflowing and our oceans are choking on plastic. The media tells us to spend, spend, spend! Buy, buy, buy! When you don't want it anymore, just throw it away! But you totally need this product RIGHT NOW!
Even when you're trying to be careful with money, or trying to be better to the environment, it's really hard not to slip up.
Luckily I can take one of the cubes back, but I hope I remember this in the future. I want this memory of two cubes sitting on my dinning room table to pop into my head before I make another stupid purchase. It's good to have everything we need, but is it necessary to have everything we want? If our society doesn't start thinking about that question a little harder, we have no chance of stopping the waste.


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