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Commander in Good Grief

Today, a man who believes climate change is a hoax got sworn into office. This is just one of the many problems with him, but one that is very disheartening to me personally. But now is not the time to stop pushing for legislation that protects the environment, or any other movement you believe in. If anything, it's time to make our voices stronger.

Democracy only works if the people are involved. The ones we elect are not our bosses, but rather our employees. It is their job to make sure the people's wants are what dictates policy. Some people think there's nothing that can be done until 2018 or even 2020 when we vote again, but democracy doesn't start nor end at the voting booth.

Today, we have more channels than ever to make our legislators hear us.

We cannot let any of the misinformation that will, and already has, stemmed from this presidency become accepted as fact, and, in turn, influence policy. As citizens it is our duty to maintain our democracy by demanding that the truth be the dictator of policy. Our duty to question the information given to us by the powerful, and protest any lies sent our way. Our duty to monitor our government, and make sure none of our rights are systematically stripped away. Most importantly, as citizens it is our duty to live our lives in a way that both embodies and promotes our ideals. 

It is not enough to email our congressman and hope they take care of whatever issue we care about. We must work towards living those ideals ourselves every day.

To me, that's what this blog is. My way of holding myself accountable to my environmental ideals. My way of learning and sharing about what speaks so deeply to my heart. The election of someone who holds ideals so opposite of my own can't discourage me, it needs to drive me. May this inauguration inspire you to push our world forward, despite anything trying to hold us back.


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