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Saving the Earth in Style

Just recently I finished reading Green Chic: Saving the Earth in Style by Christie Matheson and it's now one of my (if not my number 1) all time favorite non-fiction books.

Being Green isn't a's timelessly chic. 
Want to go green without giving up great style? Not sure how to make changes -- or why they matter? 
Welcome to the world of GREEN CHIC. Being green -- thoughtfully, consciously green -- makes a real difference in the fight against global warming. But did you know that it's also stylish, classic, and elegant? 
Offering up dozens of author-tested, earth-friendly ideas, writer Christie Matheson reveals that being chic and saving the planet aren't mutually exclusive. 
Can living a chic green lifestyle TRULY make a difference? You bet your organic sheets it can. It's a calmer, more relaxed, more fabulous path that's about quality -- and quality of life. 

Now, let's be honest, there are TONS of books about how to go green, how to live green, and every little detail about how to live your life in an eco friendly way. However, because of the author's strong voice, this one stands out of the crowd. It's informative, but interesting. It's a book that's actually enjoyable to read, not just for the content (though, the content is pretty fabu). I even used it to teach a lesson on how enjoyable non-fiction can be to the 5th grade class I volunteer in! 

Though Green Chic was published in 2008, it's great environmental advice withstands the test of time. This book is STILL super useful in 2016, and, I suspect, for years to come. 

Personally, this book I checked out on a whim from the local library has had a huge impact on me. While I've cared about being green for a long time now, Green Chic has really rekindled my passion for being eco friendly. It's been my gateway drug to several more environmental books and documentaries, and even to this blog. I mean, I may or may not have typed "chic" into and picked my favorite synonym in order to name the thing! Okay, that's exactly what I did. It's been a big influence. BIG. Anyway, the point is that I would highly recommend this book both because of the information and enjoyability.  


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