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Safety Razor Tutorial and Review

In my quest to go green, one of my main goals is to reduce how much plastic I use. It takes a lot of fossil fuels to make, and never biodegrades. Oh, and don't forget all those toxic chemicals used to make it! Nasty stuff.
Somewhere (I think it was Green Chic by Christie Matheson, but I'm not 100% sure) I read that two plastic objects Americans go through like crazy are toothbrushes and razors. If the average American goes through razors like crazy, then my person rate of razor consumption must be off the charts. It's about to get personal folks, but for some reason my leg hair likes to get stuck between razor blades and makes them unusable super quick. The same type of razor my mom can use to shave her legs 5-6 times, I can use 1-3 times. Usually once. Considering I shave every week, that's a lot of plastic I've personally sent to the landfill. A life time of doing that? No thanks.

I went searching on my favorite plastic free living blog and found this article. (How great is it to go green in a time when the leg work has already been done for me?) The article suggested something I've never heard of before: a vintage safety razor. I would have had no idea what one even looked like if she hadn't included pictures.
Honestly, my first thought upon seeing the thing was that it looked more like a medieval torture device than the pretty, pink, plastic, disposable razors I was used to.

But I was not going to be a scaredy cat, and decided to look into getting one. A google search lead to some options that were way out of budget for me. $50 for a used razor? NOT going to happen. But after a little more searching, I found a good one on ebay for just above $8. Much better. Besides, this one looked a lot less scary. (Here is where I found mine. There are several different styles depending on what actions are going on, look around and find one you like. It mostly comes down to personal preference.) I ordered it and vowed I wouldn't shave my legs until it got here.

Luckily, it's winter, because it took about two months to arrive. (Amazon Prime has spoiled me, I'm not used to waiting that long!) But today it was finally in my mailbox!

I know the mantra of going green includes the word Reuse, capital 'R', but I bought a new safety razor instead of a used one. There are some things that are just too personal to use secondhand, and to me, this is one of them. Your opinion might be different, and if so that's great! Out green me! 

Anyway, no matter how excited I was to finally shave my legs, it still had to work. And work well. It had a daunting job ahead of it. My legs after two months of not shaving?
A lesser razor wouldn't have been up to the job, but this one worked great! 

After watching one youtube tutorial I had a basic idea of how it would work, but I still wasn't quite sure what to expect. 
There were two main differences I noticed when using it compared to a disposable razor. First of all, I didn't have to use as much pressure with the safety razor in order to get a good shave. Second, the angle I held the razor at was different. 

While using the disposable razor you hold it with your wrist straight. With the safety razor you have to curl your wrist in order to get it in the right position. You want some of the top of the razor running along your skin. 

After a short learning curve (be careful when putting the blade in otherwise you'll end up with a bandaid on your thumb, also ouch) I found that safety razors aren't scary at all! I got a good shave, a good price, and won't be throwing away a bunch of plastic every week! I hope this thing holds up well, because I plan to use it for a long time to come. 


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