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Pass on the Restaurant Mints

Being eco-friendly and healthy are both goals accomplished by small actions over time. One small decision most people don't think about in connection to either of these topics is taking a mint at the end of a meal out. As a hostess at a restaurant, keeping the mint dish full is one of my responsibilities, meaning I have to think about mints more than the average person. This has lead me to the conclusion that we should definitely be passing on the mints.
These mints are neither healthy nor eco-friendly, and not taking one is a very small step that collectively can make a big difference.

First of all, these mints are made of sugar, corn syrup, and chemicals (source). Things we would all be better off without, or at least with less of in our diets. While eating a mint isn't a ton of calories, it is a solid hunk of sugar without any nutritional benefits.

As far as the environment goes, these little candies are harmful because of what's on the outside. Each mint is packaged in it's own plastic wrapper that we open and throw away. We use these in an instant, and yet they will literally last forever on our planet. Reminder: plastic is non-biodegradable. This means that every little bit of plastic we make will be around and effecting our environment forever, including every mint wrapper.

I won't preach what I don't practice, so I have not had a mint at work (or any other restaurant I've been to) for about three weeks now, and I intend to continue that. Honestly, it's not difficult. Your breath doesn't smell bad, and the food was good, so any aftertaste probably is as well. This is one little action that helps both our planet and your health; there's no reason not to pass on the mints.
Oh, and FYI, taking a huge handful or more of mints is super tacky and the hosts do judge you.


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