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Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays (Why not both?)

Ah Christmas, the time of year people use pagan traditions to celebrate a holiday that the puritans tried to abolish, and complain on twitter that society is trying to "take Christ out of Christmas!" because a minimum wage worker told them 'Happy Holidays'. While there is nothing wrong with celebrating the birth of Christ on December 25th, getting mad at others for not celebrating the same religious holiday is distinctly un-Christian, as well as completely not historically accurate.

I'm going to let this clip from the TruTV show Adam Ruins Everything explain:

Personally, I do celebrate Christmas as a Christian holiday, as I am Christian. However, if non-Christians want to enjoy Christmas as just a fun holiday, then I have no problem with that! This world needs more joy; and who am I to take that away from someone? Besides, there are MANY religious and non-religious holidays that happen in December (more info). Saying 'Happy Holidays' isn't trying to erase Christianity, it's trying to acknowledge the fact that different people celebrate different things at this time of year.
So to all my fellow Christians, instead of spreading hate about how other people spend the holiday season, let's celebrate today with true Christian-like traits: acceptance, love, and joy.
And to everyone, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, have a good day today. Happiness does wonders for your health ;)


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