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Hogwarts House Meditations

Meditation has many health benefits, but one of the things that make it fun is meditation's ability to take you to different places, even ones that (have never been proven) don't exist. Which brings us to Hogwarts House meditations! (Disclaimer: I am not JKR, I don't own Harry Potter, no copyright infringement intended, this is just for fun.) Now, plug in some earbuds, get comfortable, and let's begin!


Scenario: It's just past noon and most students are still in class, but you have a free period. The hallways outside the common room are bustling, but you sit cozy by the fire. In the good seat that's always the first one taken. Nice and warm, in a big comfy chair. All your homework is done, and there's nothing to worry about. The sun shines in through the high windows, making the space bright and happy. You contently watch the fireplace, simply relaxing. 

Now open this audio, close your eyes, and enjoy your afternoon in Gryffindor Tower. 


Scenario: It's late at night, almost everyone has gone to bed. Except you. You love staying up late in the common room, enjoying the peace and quiet. Your chair is comfortable and cool leather. The fireplace is close enough to keep you warm, but you're not focused on it -- nor do you focus on the troublemakers returning from whatever mischief they've been up to. Instead, you're watching the large windows, displaying the depths of the lake. The great squid, mermaids, fish, and other strange creatures swim past calmly. 

Now open this audio, close your eyes, and enjoy the depths of the Slytherin Common Room. 


Scenario: It's a lively afternoon in the Ravenclaw Common Room. Students discuss their studies, or whatever else currently captures their imagination, but you are sitting up on a window sill, too far away to pick out anything specific they're saying. The sun shines on you, keeping you warm. The bench on the window sill is plush. Occasionally birds fly past to say hello. You are looking out over Hogwart's lush grounds. The grass is green and soft looking, Hagrid's hut emits smoke in the distance, and students mill about by the lake, enjoying the nice weather.  The grounds are nothing but peaceful. 

Now open this audio, close your eyes, and enjoy the sun from inside Ravenclaw Tower. 


Scenario: It's early morning in the Hufflepuff Common Room. You can hear the sounds of students getting ready for breakfast and their classes. They walk past you, off to start their day. A few students are in the common room studying, some are drinking tea and eating snacks. It's a calm, happy morning. You sit in your favorite chair, sipping on your morning coffee or tea, whichever drink you prefer. You watch how it swirls in the cup, then lift it and take a sip. It is the perfect temperature, and tastes exquisite. Your classes aren't until later, so you're not in any sort of rush. Just enjoying your morning drink, nice and cozy. 

Now open this audio, close your eyes, and enjoy your morning drink in the Hufflepuff Common Room. 

Whether you did just your house, tried all four, or any combination there of, I hope you enjoyed these Hogwarts House inspired meditations. Do you think they captured the spirit of each of the Hogwarts houses? And what house are you? I'd love to hear! 


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