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Changing Habits - One Mistake at a Time

What do avocados, peaches, and grapefruits have in common? A lot, actually. But they happen to be my favorite fruits. They also make great snacks. They're healthy, and have their own natural packaging. Yay for green snackage!

A few minutes ago I was looking in my fridge for something to eat, and ending up grabbing a grapefruit. As I congratulated myself on choosing the healthy and green option over the packaged and processed Cheese Nips, I grabbed a knife, a paper plate, a spoon, and started cutting my grapefruit in half.
Woah, wait a second. I was just congratulating myself on being green....and here I had grabbed a paper plate instead of a reusable, regular one. I hadn't even thought about it. This was just a snack, after all, not a full meal. Only meals went on regular plates. Besides, the paper plates are sitting on top of the microwave, much easier to get to than the regular ones! Both are reasons I'm in the habit of just grabbing a paper plate, but no real reason I should.

Oh well. One day I'll just wake up and suddenly be 100% eco-friendly. Right? Of course not! That's not how it, or anything else, happens. You improve yourself one habit at a time, something I have to remind myself of frequently (wouldn't it just be so nice to magically wake up perfect? So much less effort!). Even though this particular choice of plate wasn't eco-friendly, hopefully it's a lesson well learned, as now I reconize this as a habit to change.


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As someone who is very blonde, I will never recommend giving up mascara, but as of yet I have not found a good plastic free alternative. Instead, I've come up with a compromise that works for me. It reduces my plastic consumption without forcing me to give up my favorite makeup tool.

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